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2006 Warming Hut Log
I have come to a place of dreams
Where the lion still screams
In his wild mountain home.
Where the hawk circles high
And the trees touch the sky.
And you know you can go up on your own.
You are near when you hear the wind's song.
Then you know that you belong
To the good earth of the green.
Then you mind is at ease
And you're feeling at peace
And the voices in the trees
Whisper you're free!
Whisper you're free!
And you are the one
Having so much fun
So shine on everyone!
So shine on everyone!

      Anonymous, written in the xcski hut log, circa, July 2005

01/01/2006  Happy New Year!  Skiing is great and nobody is here!  Love this hut.  Jan & Jerry

01/02/06  Still mostly all covered.  Raining some with snow (3-8") from yesterday.  3 days left in PA.  Skiday #112 since Sep 01.  Tom Szwodko

01/03/06  Very fast, slight crust, mostly covered. Tom Szwodko

01/07/06  About 4" snow (new), good control, 2" base, rained last week.  Norm Snyder & Bruce L. Manzano of North Huntingdon, PA  Great day for learning to x ski.

01/08/05  1:00 PM Where are you guys?  We were here.  Jeff, Elaine, Rosie, & Tim  Have a Good one!  Go Steelers! Beat Cinci.

1/16/06  MLK Day - Light snow cover - not enough to ski, but hiking is great!  Nancy, Carol & dogs came in from Fish Hatchery!  Enjoy the day!

1/16/06  MLK Day - Light snow cover - not enough to ski, but hiking is great!  Nancy, Carol & dogs came in from Fish Hatchery!  Enjoy the day!

2/2/2006 Hiked in from Tunnel Road, lower parking lot. Did some trail cleaning along the way. There were patches of snow on the North side of the Mtn. High 40 degrees, some sun, good hiking weather.       Jerry

2/4/2006  All is quiet.  Fred F., H.V. Nordic (Foot)N Patrol Spring Pruning Expedition

2/7/2006 Super Bowl Sunday. Light snow cover - Come on Snow, so we can ski all of February.  Hiking today and picking up fallen branches along the trail. Go Steelers - Just can't figure out why no one is here today?  Jan & Jerry

2/10/2006  Minimum snow on trail - Just enough to ski. Calling for snow tonight through Sunday. A little sticky today but not as bad as Laurel Ridge yesterday.  Jan & Jerry

2/11/2006  Perfect temperature. Could use a bit more snow.  Fist time here - Love the trails.  Kurt & Elaine

2/12/20006  Wonderful day. Its good to be out again. KEEP SNOWING! Jeff + Rebekah, Oakmont, PA

2/12/2006  Lots of new snow, finally. Jerry skied in from Tunnel Road and met us here.  Fred & Nancy S

2/12/2006  Skied in at dusk to enjoy a cozy early Valentines Day dinner. Light snow falling as we arrived - we hope it continues! The fire was still going from earlier visitors (thanks), so we went right to the dinner phase. Hope the moon pierces the overcast so the headlamps can be left off.
Peace and good Snow to all.  Bill & Sandy

2/14/2006  Had to get out today because 50°s predicted by Thursday. *" good snow this morning bu its already starting to melt. Its been a rotten skiing season except for December. Part of Shaffer Run Loop a& Mt View Loop messed up by snowmobiles.  Ray Povirk

2/17/2006  Hiked in with Kirt & Eliane Hast from Somerset. Cold but beautiful. Different than home.  
Keith H____. Hillsboro, KS.

2/18/2006  Snowy morning Mike!  Larry & Matt Myers, Greensburg, PA

2/18/2006  Walk in from Tunnel (Rd). Cleared lots of limbs. Still snowing! Stop for a bite to eat.  H.V.S.P.

2/19/2006  Very nice trail system!!!  Cordova 1

2/19/2006  I agree, not enough snow for skiing.

2/22/2006  Even tho no snow - a really nice hike with a neat companion. We'll be back - Pat, Carol, Mattie, & Beau

3/18/2006  Blue bird, cool day, great for a ride. Climbed from Star Market, stopped for lunch, straightened our heads!  Enjoy the woods!

3/19/2006  Sunny cool day. This warming hut is COOL! We'll be back in the summer! Go Pitt Basketball.
Patty, Ryan, Brooke, Holly, and Zoey (dog).

3/22/2006  Everything is quiet and in good shape.  JAH

3/26/2006  5:15 PM  Still daylight. Welcome Spring. Nice hike.  Jan & Jerry

3/30/2006  Its a warm day for the 30th March. Just taking a short hike. Nice cabin.  Ron Lewis

4/9/2006  George & Chris were here.  

4/13/2006  Me and the two dogs, Abby & Sammi, out for an evening walk.  Peter B.

4/14/2006  Good Friday - The woods are our Cathedral. Cool & Cloudy

4/14/2006  4 PM Cloudy & windy Good Friday. My husband & Rex (black lab) taking a walk from Shaffer Run. Dawn & Dan Greenbree

4/15/2006  Nice hike. Great cabin.  William Lockard

4/17/2006  Noon, cloudy, 51°.  Ed Callahan

4/18/2006  Beautiful day - Missed the boss by 24 hours, Jim Twardy

4/30/2006  SUNNY - COOL - BEAUTIFUL DAY. Me, Barb (my wife & Alfonso our dog)

5/?/2006 Eric & Brad C????

5/8/2006  Rode up to the cabin on my Harley. Beautiful day today. Not gonna stay long. Lots of bees in here. Steelers #1.  EZ, Pittsburgh

5/13/2006  Just stopped in while Turkey hunting - Beautiful day, Nice cabin. Semper Fi !! (Thanks for serving our country)

5/13/2006  Hiking Laurel Highlands Trail, stopped for a rest.  Rob H, Tyler S, Aaron P, Dave P

5/20/2006  Sick hike in. I love this place.  Nick and Gatto.

5/20/2006  LOVELY FOREST, LOVELY HIKE, LOVELY CABIN. Brian & Barb, Annapolis, MD

5/21/2006 Nice Hut. Wet & cold, feet hurt. There's bees all over the place.

5/23/2006  Great day for a hike… Out with Bill from West Virginia. Heading back before dark. Happy trails to all!  Brooke

5/26/2006  Team Copycat was here!!!  John, California, PA

Hi I'm Zack and am 12 years old. Me and my dad were just riding, so we came to this little place to take a rest.  Pittsburgh, PA

5/27/2006  Back for more Turker hunting, Raining, cam in to get dry. It's a beautiful day. Semper Fi. Rich & Rodger

5/27/2006  Who's goin' Chicken huntin>  Weez goin' Chicken huntin!  ICP! ICP! ICP!

5/28/2006  Who's going crazy  They's going crazy  Wooden shak your crazy.

5/28/2006  Buen Viaje a todos.  Wade & Nicole, Pittsburgh, PA

6/3/2006  Rainy / Sunny Day.  Pat & Carol & Beau, Mattie

6/8/2006  Hiking part of Laurel Highlands Trail & stopped in to be nosey. Nice day.  Kim, Jen, Stella

6/11/2006 Anthus Geo? (GC) stopped in. Cool place.

6/12/2006  E.B. and Zeus stopped in with Ni???, First time for E.B.  Was impressed.  Ride On!!!

6/13/2006  Beautiful day to bring some new-be hikers to North Woods. Love this place.  
Hike the world. Janice, Shanta, Linda, & Susan

6/15/2006  Pat & Ellen Walsh. Hiking the trail on this Beautiful day. God created a Beautiful world, Oh how I thank Him. Trust Jesus

6/19/2006  Why not follow your own desires instead of doing what others expect us to do.  Simplicity is the way of nature. The two of us walking in nature. There could be nothing greater. 46, 46

6/23/2006  Mooman 56 (GC) stopped by………. Caching!  Neat place!

6/25/2006  Stopped by with Sam. Raining, but still a nice day to walk.  ED

Saw the hut from the trail and had to see what it was. Nicely done.  Mike

6/28/2006  Nice place for lunch.  Bernie

6/29/2006  Came for a hike and to check out the cache. Was hoping to see the snake from the website.
E.B., Acme, PA

6/29/2006  Nice hike to here after an exhausting day of work. Thanks, R & T Lee

6/30/2006  Great atmosphere back here. Have fun, just be careful of snakes.  Kim

7/1/2006  82° today - No need for a warming hut! But we enjoyed the hike and the quiet green woods!
Janet, Dennis, Mike   Pittsburgh

7/2/2006  Thunder, Lightning, Rain, Wind. Good thing we have good pot……. Good pot.

7/4/2006  Independence Day. Looking for Wylie Coyote. Semper Fi

7/5/2006 Pat, Carol, Beau, & Matie again!  Rain won't stop us. Its just another of nature's gifts! A wet but good bike ride!

7/16/2006  Sheila, Angel, & I went for a walk. Started at the fish hatchery. Need a map……………..

7/16/2006  Seleen, Kevin, & Michael & Turbo (dog) were here, We missed Sheila & Angel though.

7/16/2006  Moose & Alicia biked here. We were through here about 10 years ago. All is nearly the same except for that mess out on Route 31. We started at Hidden Valley and are headed for Lynn Run! Have a Great Dat! (You can tell we're mountain bikers. Can't spell Linn Run)

7/23/2006  This just a busy day. I'm just pushing through on Mt bike from Walat's Bar on Route 30 going to 7-Springs, then back. There'll be a couple of nice cold ones waiting for me. Moustashe Jack

7/24/2006  John & Sally hiking through to ? LHHT. Beautiful day! Low humidity! There was a garter snake in box above wood pile! We'll be back when there is snow for x-country skiing.

8/11/2006  Dan H. and Dan L. (Dan²) biked here all the way from Ohio. Not really. Wonderful sunny August day, almost feels like Fall. Go OSU football!!

8/12/2006  8:20 AM Hunting Wylie Coyote.  Semper Fi

8/13/2006  Doug, Sam, Hiking. Neat area.  SVL

8/13/2006  Thanks, Breakfastchief

88/13/2006  Escaping the city for a few hours.  Open house at our house so we had to vacate the premises. Great blackberries.  TGH & Katy

8/13/2006  Took a walk for a while just to escape. The dog is loving it!  Nick

8/13/2006  We took a walk to get out of the house for our Open House. We decided not to leave the dog (Katy) in her crate so took her with us. She (along with us) are loving the no cars thing!  Mikaila H.  PA: Wasp nest over door (underside of rafter)

8/18/2006  My husband wanted to show me where he and his riding friends ride their horses. It's an hours drive to get here from the boarding stables. I definitely want to come back in the fall for an autumn hike. It should be beautiful then.  Janice

8/20/2006  Walking around the mountain with friend Randy, longbow &   recurve in hand, shooting ??? stumps & logs.A bit wet today. Stopped in for a break & read the journal.  Regards, Longfeather

8/20/2006  Longfeather invited me & the Leftr Recurve to test our skills on the stumps. Dedicated some arrows to the Woods Gods! Great hike - foggy - no gnomes! CU out there! Aloha & 73, de Harry Carry

8/27/2006  Carol, Mattie, & Beau out for a cool cloudy hike. Saw a dead fox on the trail. Happy birthday Phyl! We miss you!

8/31/2006  Early hike but its starting to rain so I must go. Nice cool day. Hi Carol.  Janice, Carol, & Nancy

9/3/2006  Carol, Nancy, & I are enjoying the cool temps today. She really does have a life away from the warming hut.  Pat, Carol, & Nancy

9/4/2006  We saw 2 Flags & some cool looking fungus & flowers. Good day for a walk in the woods. It is too hot for a fire.

9/4/2006  Just passing through and stopped to smoke a dub then will be on my way. Biked from Laurel Mt Ski Resort to 7-Springs and back. Then on the return trip and pushing the envelope for darkness. Great ride! Peace, Moustashe Jack

9/7/2006  Beautiful sunny, cool morning. Thanks to all for keeping this hut clean. Hope you enjoy. Ed C., Bureau of Forestry

9/9/2006  Just passing by on a hike. Nice cabin!  Monica, Ryan, Pgh, PA

9/10/2006  1:45 PM  Beautiful Autumn Day. Where were you on 9/11/01?  I was working on a PA Turnpike bridge erection @ MP 118 - just before the Allegheny Tunnel. We heard and felt the awful blast of the Airliner slaming into the ground, only three miles from Shanksville, PA.
I remember earlier telling a new employee - after he asked about a directional sign that read "Shanksville 4" "What's in Shanksville?" - I replied, "Nothin! nothing ever happens in Shanksville"  And then a half-hour later history changed forever.  Tom Rocks, Acme, PA
PS: Who threw the junk wood out at the parking area on Tunnel Road?  What a disgrace!!

9/10/2006 4 PM Larry & Lori out for a walk. Amazed at the beauty and peace of nature. Hope you are enjoying it too.

9/16/2006  Sophie, Mattie, Beau, Nancy, & Carol.  Brought Sophie for he 2nd walk to the cabin. Warm, humid, cloudy day - leaves just starting to change - No snakes spotted!

9/17/2006 Happy Birthday Twins. Roy, Daniel, & Trudy Starr

9/17/2006  Mark & Jen LeVan - beautiful day, hiking Mt View trail,

9/17/2006  Just biking through. Moustashe Jack

9/20/2006  Pat Steele - Hi John. How about some hitching posts.

9/24/2006  A rainy, rainy Sunday morning. We are just out on an exercising hike. Came from Fire Tower Rd off of Rt-31. From here we will turn around and go back.  Go Steelers!! Susan & Suzanne

9/26-2006  Tom & Francis filled up wood boxes. Enjoy the fire.

9/27/2006  Beautiful Autumn day on the low seventies. Thanks to whomever stacked all the wood. My friend Joe wants to just sit here & wait for the snow to fly (he's a cross-country skier)! Remember always to practice random acts of kindness.  Sherry & Joe

10/1/2006  Temp in the lo 50s. A promise of fall in the air and in the foliage. Hoping to get snowed in here this winter. Trekked in from 31 parking, hope to cross the T-pike bridge before turning into a pumpkin - George

10/7/2006  Nice hut - a couple of hitching posts for the horses would (be) nice.

10/8/2006  What a beautiful day to spend with a good friend on a hike - little muddy & a bug flew in my ear. Other than that enjoying life with each other. Rachel & Paul, Pgh, PA    PS: Just remember wherever you go, there you are.

10/8/2006  Nice day fo a hike. Great weather & the leaves are getting just about perfect. Found the geocache.
Mike & Maryellen & Brother K??

10/10/2006  Give thanks to God for the beauty of Autumn! Out with good friends taking it all in, Susan, Janice, Marsha

10/14/2006  Beautiful Day!!! Jen, Mark, Jeff, & Amy

10/15/2006  Taking the kids for a hike on a beautiful day. Jared (9); Kellie, Lynda, Dominic (8); Anthony (6); Hunter (5)

10/15/2006  Sunday - Beautiful day - found secret cabin, made fire, had lunch with wine. Leaves beautiful, sun shining, feeling lucky! Anette   Thanks for the wood.

10/16/2006  3:30  started out sunny but the clouds caught up. Still a beautiful day! Neat Cabin         Dave

10/21/2006  Dave missed a page.   Just hunting. Wat's up with the fence?  Semper Fi

10/22/2006  Windy - weather changing day, As always, enjoyed the hike and appreciate the cabin. Mike & Maryellen

10/23/2006  Out doing a little geocaching. This just happened to be one of the cached. Really cool cabin I would like to bring family back to and maybe build a fire and have a picnic ( Jin Bat from Vanderbilt, PA

11/10/2006  Out for a ride on a very beautiful & mild Nov. afternoon. Temp's in the high 60s. Everything out here is great, as always. Peace, Nevin

11/11/2006  This is us - Beautiful fire and warmth.

11/21/2006  Beautiful sunny day - 20° @ 7 AM. Good tracking snow. Looking for a Bear. Link & Kirk

11/22/2006  Sunny day - 41° - Passing through on horseback. Hitching post would be great! Sandy & Shelby

11/22/2006 Out for a litte 2 hour hike before Turkey Day.. burn some extra calories to make room! Layer of snow covering most of the trail but nice warm day with sunshine! Always love it out here no matter what the weather.  Brooke & little dog Terry

11/23/2006  Out for a walk - Father & Son. Wonderful day. Thank you for this wonderful warming hut. John & Matt

11/26/2006  If anyone was planning on skiing the My View Tr, don't bother. Its fenced off for the logging operator and the Bypass Road is too rocky for skis!   Mike

12/3/2006  Mt View Trail is fine - actually it is better than it has been for a long tome.  Jerry

12/3/2006 Jerry scared us to death! Luckily we knew the password! Beautiful day to hike. Nancy & Carol, Sophie, Mattie & Beau  (I was holding the door shut when Carol approached & in a loud voice asked for the password - Jerry)

12/3/2006  Hut looks good. Talked with skiers.    Jim Twardy

12/11/2006  Back again on horses! Still need a hitching post! Hint, Hint  Nice trails even when muddy. Beautiful day 50°.   Sandy & Shelby

12/17/2006  Can you believe it? Its Dec 17th & Carol & I are walking! Where's "Old Man Winter"? I came up from VA to cross-country ski!  Dee Green

12/28/2006  Thanks! Cheryl & Shelby   Still need a hitching post for horses.

12/29/2006  We're back - Nice clear crisp. Wan to hike to the tunnel on LHHT.

12/29/2006  Cool hut. Could never stay to the trail also didn't park where we were soposto. 3rd geocache of the day.  Cridess out!