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2007 Warming Hut Log
I have come to a place of dreams
Where the lion still screams
In his wild mountain home.
Where the hawk circles high
And the trees touch the sky.
And you know you can go up on your own.
You are near when you hear the wind's song.
Then you know that you belong
To the good earth of the green.
Then you mind is at ease
And you're feeling at peace
And the voices in the trees
Whisper you're free!
Whisper you're free!
And you are the one
Having so much fun
So shine on everyone!
So shine on everyone!

      Anonymous, written in the xcski hut log, circa, July 2005

(Some words/names undecipherable)

1/6/2007  Laid a trail for Search & Rescue dogs. I'll be here a while. Very nice cabin, 50° today. We have really lucked out with the weather. Perfect for training dogs.  Kelly Hedman, Bedford County Search & Rescue Team K-9 Handler

1/6/2007  Ran this trail to find Kelly, dog did wonderful. We aged this trail 3 hrs. before the dog worked it.
Cindy Berkey, BCWST K-9 Handler

1/6/2007  Walked this trail with Joda. Excellent training with Jake Berkey, Bedford County Wilderness Search Team.  K-9 Handler Carol Thompson, Bedford County Wilderness Search Team, K-9 Handler

1/7/2007  Hiked from County Line Road to here. Did a snow dance while I was here. Maybe Feb? Gotta go. Sch???

1-13-2007     Walke with family & dogs, too bad no snow.  Redmans

1/18/2007  Janly, Pat Carol, Beau, Mattie walked in light snow. Tomoorow's to be a storm so maybe we can finally ski! Think snow! Yea verily yea - Think snow.

1/20/2007 XSIGUY ( Firdt xski in North Woods this winter. A little sticky under the 8" of fluffy powder, but with the help of som "Maxiglide", not too bad considering.  Jerry

1/20/2007  George, Fred, Pat & Carol met Jerry for lunch. My favorite French student, Scott, was here with his family.

1/20/2007  Bonjour. First time at the warming hut with my family, enjoyed the stay, met my favorite French Teacher.
Aurevoir Carol

1/20/2007  Ryan was here. Football rocks - Saints all the way #25 SF rocks.

1/20/2007  Mark was here from Pgh. It was a great walk from Shaffer Rd. Luckily I had 4 very cold beers for the hike. I'm truly a health nut, but being a Saturday afternoon, beer was on the menu. By the way the beer of choice qas Michelob Ultra. Have fun and good luck. Mark

1/21/2007  Oat & Carol came in from Tunnel Rd. Met Jerry who came in from Shaffer Rd. Met Holly from Pgh (black Lab mix). Enjoy the snow!

1/21/2007 Chris & Dave came from Pgh.

1/23/2007  Best skiing this year. About 5" of snow, 2" fell last night. Norm Snyder, Ray Povirk from Pgh.

1/26/2007  3:40  2" new powder. 1st & only? Today M.Mclaity, Canberry Twp XC .Shaffer Run hill very slow with new snow.

1/26/07  Jerry & Jan skied Laurel Mtn earlier in day. Ok on smooth trails but not enough snow for the rocky trails. Skied in from fish hatchery to warming hut here in North Woods. Skiing excellent here today.

1/27/2007  Roxy (Dog) lost her silver vest & black stripes on Mt View Trail. If anyone finds it, please leave it here above the wood pile. She would love to have it back. Thanks, Bryan

1/27/2007  Miss you Niagara

1/27/2007  Fred, Nancy, Carol, Mattie, Beau joined quite a crowd here! Think snow!.

1/27/2007  Zach - I think it is great fun.

1/27/2007  Gillian - I think going skiing is great fun.

1/29/2007  Excellent skiing Sunday nite and Monday - Camped in the LHHT shelter near the parking lot and did som night skiing. More snow fell during the night- had to break trail today. Chris & Than

1/29/2007  Love it! Love it! Beautiful snow, sun shining, great companion.  A trail mao on board would be great.  
Annette & Ro

1/30/2007  So far I'm the only one out here today (2:30 PM). Great snow - From top of Tunnel Rd, doinf Shaffer Run Loop. Was good on Laurel Mtn on Sunday. Really peaceful and quiet here today.  Xskiguy (Jerry)

1/31/2007  About 11 AM with 2-3" of fresh powder. No one else around. Great day to be out of the office and enjoying the winter.  Bob

1/31/2007  11:30  Awsome  Awsome   Awsome     Scauur

2/1/2007  Great snow. Came in from fish hatchery. Jerry's building a fire and its snowing a little. Going to do Mt View Loop. This place is my favorite spot. Love it here.  Jan & Jerry  
PS: Miss you Carol out there in Park City - "Oh ye of little faith".

2/1/2007  Dickfr, Brad, Schultz  Had a good day

2/2/2007  The Punxsutawney rodent did not see his shadow! So only 2 more weeks of winter that hardly started yet. Mild today before the freeze tomorrow. Light snow good for striding. Calm & quiet, just what I needede. Bill from Pgh.

2/2/2007  Megan & Dave skied from Tunnel Rd to base of Plateau du Mont, Shaffer Rd past fish hatchery 9road well covered w/new powder). In via Shaffer Run Trail. Saw 2 snowmobiles who trespassed in State Forest. Out via Mt View Trail.

2/2/2007 Hop & Kelly (locals) Bill & Sandy  Moonlight (?)tour to Dinner.

2/3/2007  Bob @ 9:45 AM. Beautiful this morning! A little chilly…. for about 15 minutes. The trails are awesome - Whoever groomed this morning, thanks so much - Its greatly appreciated.

2/3/2007  10:15 AM National ski Patrol groomer Shaffer Run, Mt View, and Northwoods Trail Loops!   Doug

2/3/2007  11:15 AM  Appreciate the early grooming. Phil, Nancy, Andy, & Joyce

2/3/2007 1PM  Great day for skiing.  Bob Topuleski, Bob Spatafore

2/3/2007  Thanks for the great warming hut.  Gwen, Jan, & Jerry

2/3/2007  Trails were fabulous. Chris & Mary

2/3/2007  4 PM  Awesome skiing! Thanks to our Mother Earth for providing such a beautiful & fun place.  Peace & Blessings to all. Missy, Rosco & Star

2/4/2007 Fantastic Skiing! Where is everyone? I guess I have the trails to myself. Wind not bad down here. Keep the snow coming.  Joe T, REI Guy

2/5/2007  Thanks for the hot fire, cold & sunny day.   Andy Charkie

2/5/2007  Take care of this cabin. It is one of a kind,   Skier

2/9/2007  Great Day!  Skier "Bob"

2/9/2007  The hut is magical! How bout a trail map.  Thanks, LN

2/9/2007  Cold & sunny - Great skiing. Xskiguy (

2/10/2007  Cold & snow. Shoulda brought skis instead of "post holeing". Great Blue Bird Day. Peace out.

2/10/2007  Great day for skiing, 12°, 12:50 AM. Beautiful day! Thank goodness some place in PA has snow. Pat, Linda, & Michael; Chambersburg, PA

2/10/2007  As life, the snow is fleeting. Ski while there is snow & live while there is life. 46, 46

2/10/2007 Liz Perkins, Pgh; James Rigoon, Media, PA; Barb & Jim Mehan, Pgh,; Lynne We??? & Tony Stev???, Pgh

2/11/2007  Perfect day for a ski!  Mike & Maryellen

2/12/2007  This is truly an unique place. A sacred island where one can still escape the ever encroaching development.

2/13/2007 Awesome day - Storm is great. Trails are soft a& fast.  Skier "Bob"

2/14/2007  Happy Valentines Day. Awesome storm! Tough breaking trails but we are enjoying the beauty of the snow & warming hut! (Peace)  Missy Brocc  Rosco & Star

2/17/2007  James Rigoon, Carol, & brother Gary = Excellent snow, love life, had a spiritual moment out here.

2/18/2007  When the wind shakes the trees & the snow fills the forest, there is a calmness inside. 46, 46

2/18/2007  Thank you for grooming the trail again. Your friend from North Hills Pgh enjoyed this again!

2/18/2007  They say "Thank You".. I say QUIT IT! We come here for the natural trails through the beautiful unihabited woods. If you want groomed trails, go somewhere else!  Mary Denison


2/18/2007  What a picturesque area, groomed trails or not. We have had a splendid time snow shoeing.
Megan & George

2/18/2007  Sunday !:00  Skiing alone. From here going to Mt View Tr 1st time. Oustanding trail network. Bill Branson Volvo Sta Wagon, parked at Hidden Valley tubing area on 31. Heavy snow at present. Thanks for having the hut.

2/18/2007  Sunday  1:45  To Ken & Lisa. Ski the steep!!
                              3:45  went up Mt View      Shultz

2/21/2007  Wed 10:30 AM  Visiting my son at Hidden Valley. Dowhill skied yesterday. Enjoying the wonderful cross-country ski trails today. Warming hut is great!  Kris & Dave

2/22/07  (German phrase - not legible) The hut looks great; no time though for making a good fire. And where is the ??? Ull La?ge, Washington, PA

2/23/2007  Much better this week! Have fun.  "Skier Bob"

2/24/2007  Fun, Fun, Fun! Great conditions! Sun shine & snow. Staying at Kooser cabins with lots of family & friends. Thank you for grooming the trails. Thank God for good times. Cross-country skiing is the best strell reliever.
Traci  David M, Charleroi, PA

2/23/2007  Fred, your buddies are here skiing for you! God Bless! We miss you! Carol, George, Pat, Dee, & Janelle.
Never had or would have a better skiing and biking buddy than you Fred. Thanks for the memories,  George

2/24/2007  Hi Jerry! I'M hoping you see this! We're here with the Cline's and another couple (Kelly & Hop) at night having dinner. Roz & Bobby McConking; Bill & Sandy Cline: Kelly & Hop K????

2/27/2007  A little icy today, but skiable.  Skjiing today in rememberance of my skiing pal Fred. He most likely would have been here today, so I will ski for him instead.  Jerry

2/27/200l  My motto is "ski if yo can, snowshoe if you have to". Todat I strapped on the shoes to come out to the hut, get a nice fire going, eat a bag of my favorite kettle chips, and read about the tragic life of Guy Waterman. Maybe not tragic. I don't know, but interesting indeed. It's a great pleasure to have this place. Thanke to those who make it possible.  Jesse

Yesterday was Spring and today we have more snow to enable another ski outing!!! Sure miss our buddy Fred S. I'm sure there is a North Woods cabin where you are Fred.  Let it snow……….

3/4/2007  Skiing in the White Cathedral! Perfect snow today. Thank you God. This is our church this morning. Such gifts of love & snowyou give us! Sending our thoughts to our friend Fred - Pat, Carol, Beau, & Mattie

3/4/2007  Wonderful snow. Great warming hut & fire.  ??

3/4/2007  Paul Schel - Winter wonderland.  If this is the last ski weekend, we'll take it. Patrick & Graziella Cowan, New Caledonia.  Nice powder & wild place, great location for x-country.

3/4/2007  Enjoying another awesome day. We give thanks for the Lunar Eclipse keeping winter going. Forgiveness for the couple on horseback off of Mt View Trail.  "BE CAREFUL" They put 12-18 in holes on ski trails!! Black Ford truck plate # ?????? The poor horses were working hard.

4/7/2007  Awesome Day - A little slow, but should speed upthis afternoon. Be careful of holes.  "Skier Bob"

3/7/2007  Goos snow. Rolled up from Pgh, PA   Wiz Khalifa

3/7/2007  We are having a blast!! The snow is great & the woods opened up and are calling to ski. Keep turning with Happy Feet!  Star & Rosco

3/8/2007  12:20  Great ski day! The trail is great! Always enjoy this hut (ski or pictures). Enjoy - Kurt & Elaine, Somerset

3/9/2007  This is the type of day we all dream about & wait for - Crystal clear skies and great snow! What a treat.
Carol Pat, Mattie & Beau

3/11/2007  Nice day - The snow is still deep but frozen hard.  47 degrees is the high. We saw no critters but lots of old tracks. We had a small fire to take off the chill.  Mark, Jeff, Bill, Deb

3/11/2007  Perfect spring skiing! No "snow snakes" in sight! Beautiful sunny day.  Janice, Jerry, & Carol

3/11/2007  Beautiful day 50°, first time here, surprised hut isn't trashed. Area must be visited by good people, hope it stays this way. Looking forward to skiing here next year (if it snows).  Rob

3/11/2007  First time to visit this ski area, enjoying my day off and not in a hurry to leave.  Will surely return soon either hiking or biking.  Holly

3/11/2007  Blue sky, bright sun,. Its beautiful!  We had snakes with our 3 kids in the hut. The kids loved the little cabin in the woods. Fran & Eric also Ameline, Antroine, Adrien

3/13/2007 Such a pleasant surprise - How good the sow is! I'm now a believer that skiing in mid-march can be great! I might even ski on St Patrick's Day! Think positively - We'll ski on the 17th.  Gwen, Jan, Jerry, & Carol

3/17/2007  Best ski day for me! Best company I've ever had. 46 46

3/17/2007 Perfect day to go cross-country skiing with the family. Sunny (a little)   Dan, Dar, Annabelle (dog)

3/17/2009  Top of the Mountain to you. Happy St Patricks Day

3/17/07  Happy St Patricks Day! Great snow - about a foot! C-dee came all the way up from south of Richmond (with no brakes) just to enjoy this! Lots of other snow lovers here! Pat, C-dee, Carol, Beau & Mattie
Would you believe celebrating St Patricks Day by xc skiing! First time in my life - Wow! Great company too - Happy St Patricks Day.

3/18/2007  So glad there is beautiful snow again - about a foot.  Hope this isn't out last trip skiing with the warm weather on its way. Too bad no one else here to enjoy this day. Happy trails to you. Suzane & Dale

3/18/2007  Beautiful ski day! Lot od sunshine and blue sky! Only C-dee & I today.  Carol

3/19/2007  Welcome C & C. Enjoy the fire - See you soon. Jack & Pat

3/22/2007 Out here today doing some K-9 Search & Rescur training. I laid a trail for one of the dogs. A little rain today but in the 60s. Looks like spring may be here,  Jacob Berkey, Bedfor County Wilderness Search Team, K-P Handler (

3/28/2007  Just hiking today for som exercise. Partlt sunny and warm. Would have been nice to still have some snow.
Xskiguy (Jerry)

4/1/2007  Beautiful rainy day. Did a short 4 mile hike, out for stress relief. Made a fire to take off the chill, about 50° today. Think I'll pack my bag and move into hut.  Rob Goodman

4/5/2007  Tom & Francis brought more wood  "Enjoy the heat".

4/7/2007  Stopped for lunch, packing out from Turnpike shelters Michael Sr & Michael Jr, Norvelt

4/7/2007  46 46  The weather changes from moment to momentbut heart is unchanged.

4/8/2007  Easter Sunday 1:25 PM  Cold and about 3 inches of snow. What a memorable Easter.  Hiking Ursa

4/14/2007  Trying to get a hike in before big storm arrives. Supposed to be a big one that occurs only once every 20 years! We'll see! Cool raw daywith lots of fishermen along the way since trout season opens today.  Janice Jerry, Pat, Carol, Mattie & Beau

4/22/2007  Great day hiking! Beautiful weather for Earth Day. Stay Safe.  Stu & Nora

4/22/2007  Beautiful day to enjoy God's creation by horseback! Look for trout lilies & spring beauties.  Barb, Dave, & two Appys.

4/23/2007  Perfect day for a quiet hike. Had a wonderful time. Spring is here!  Jeff

4/29/2007  Out day-hiking, appreciating the trail.  Donna & David

5/3/2007  Finally! Spring is in the mountains! Glorious day with sunshine, blue sky, and Trillium.  Carol, Beau & Mattie

5/6/2007  Bright blue sky- gorgeous day for a horseback ride. Enjoying the trails along with a nice lunch at the hut!  Kelly Jo & Faith; Jerry & Lena  Stahlstown, PA

5/8/2007  Sun is shining, perfect blue sky. I always love my first trip back to the hut each & every spring. Enjoy, Nevin

Brooke and brother tyler here for a little rest! Decided to Jot a quick note,,,, bees nest overhead. Wich we could scare them out the door. Beware of the bees all!

Very nice, well appreciated.  Mule rider, Bob Baer

5/19/2007  ???? with Lucy, my dog. Nice place.  Andrew ???

5/20/2007  Hiking the LHHT, needed a restroom. Neat little place.  Mark Horst, Kurt Horst - Somerset

5/20/2007  Hiking, Cloudy day! - Bob, Lois, Amanda, & Mike - Bakersville, PA

5/20/2007  Sunday "The Warming Hut"  As I read everyone else's comments, I see all are enjoying the area as much as we are. We all come to enjoy the outdoors and to relax in the warming hut (and grateful for the half-moon house).  Today it was a hike on Shaffer Run Trail. So nice to see the woods turning the color of green again. Only "one" cell phone call so far - should of turned it off!! No one "at home" here in the hut, we made ourselves comfortable, ate our lunch, and are going to continue on our way. Brought a few extra candles on this trip to the hut, until next trip. - Rob & Holly

5/21/2007  Mon  Two friends, Kathy & Sandy, and our horses, Sonny & Cody, went on a beautiful ride. Thank you for this place! God's resting place

Peaceful, easy feeling. Dutchie Ridge Runner

Beautiful trail - Really enjoying.  P????

5/25/2007  Friday  Exploring Endless Euphoric Endevors on a hike in the magnificent Pennsylvania wilderness. Just the two of us.  Much love, Julie & Ross

6/9/2007  Beautiful sunny day. Great to "cool down" in the warming hut after ½ our mountain biking trip.  Amy & Chris  PS: Thanks for the directions fellow mt. bikers.

6/14/2007  Hikibg the LHHT and got poured on yesterday. Nice place for a rest. Now on to Ohiopyle. Luke & Kris Beard

6/22/2007  Just left Rt 31 shelters. Would've stayed here instead had I know about this place. Can't bear that godawful asphalt plant machinery noise. On to Turnpike shelters for the night and eventually Seward. Best of luck and God bless all who pass through this hut.  Chris

7/4/2007  Bud & Chris were here. Bang Bang

7/14/2007 Haven't been here in 3 months and its great to be back. Sure looks different with the snow gone! Its still a place of great peace - Happy Bastille Day!  Pat, Carol, Beau & Mattie

Hi, Just stopping on a nice day for a hike with my buddies (dogs).  TN

Hi! Just stopping by on a nice day. Sincerely, Lucy & Sam (our dog) + Kristy & Angela

7/30/2007  Up here solo biking on my day off and also bday, feeling the altitude adjustment. I came across something silvery, a semi-deflated helium "Happy Birthday" balloon, tied it to my seat and it tore off. Cool 47th, nice place to be.

8/5/2007  Justin & Jesse doing the trail, got this far, feeling good, lots of supplies left. Take it easy

8/11/2007  Its nice here, but we would like a small barn for our horses. 20 x 20 three sided building wood be fine, thank you.  Chuck & Dave

8/12/2007  Nancy, Sopho, Carol, Beau & Mattie here on a beautiful Sunday morning! Enjoy

First time on the trail. It was great.  Ben

Greg & Emily Yothers stopped for lunch. We're hiking from Rt 31 to the Turnpike shelters on the LHHT.

 Julie & Jerry - First time on trail. Walked from cabin on Shaffer Run. Very nice place. We'll be back!!!

Sirs, What's the chance of putting a hitching post up for us horse people. Also what's the chance of having a Honda generator installed - Please have fuel also.  Thank you, Earl & Jack

9/1/2007  Jen & Walt Hoyton was here. Nice little hut.

9/2/2007  Julie & Jerry returned. We're on a nice Sunday hike.We'll return……. We did it!

9/2/2007  Cindy & Russ were here. Nice trails, saw a small blacksnake in the bin with newspaper above log rack.

9/15/2007  Beautiful Fall day, wildlife seen so far, PA white tail deer (doe), grouse, salamander, half of a dead blacksnake, just once again another fun trip to the mountains. Sunny, 46°, light sw wind.  Lee, Dan. Candice

9/30/2007  First time camping and being here was a little piece of Paradise, very serene. We had a naming ceremony and the fire was perfect. To top it off there was a full moon that lit up the whole surroundings. We cooke hot dogs and corn over the fire for dinner. Perfect weather, perfect company. We'll be back.  Craig & Lynn

9/30/2007  Todd, Tracey & Jada.  Tracy & Jada first time here. Tracy was calling my house little house on the prarie but I think she sees that this place is more like it. Love the smell back here and how quiet it is.

9/30/2007  Trudy (10), Bridget (/), Roy (12), Daniel (12), Roy & Libby Lu (7 months). Nice day. We've been here before but not with libby. We always have fun coming here.

10/1/2007  Paul, Harry, Matt, & Dan.  Beautiful day - God is good - all the time.

10/3/2007  Beautiful warm fall day. Mt Biked to ski hut. Leaves are just starting to turn. Think snow for winter. Xskiguy

10/13/2007  Fall is here! Nice walk - great cabin.

10/21/2007  Carol, Pat, Beau & Mattie are in ecstacy over this stunning Fall day - enjoying the peak of color and the gift of each other. Crystal clear blue sky, the leaves in full glory! What a tonic for the soul.  We are celebrating the completion of our 325 mile bike ride from Pgh to D.C.  What a remarkable adventure!

10/21/2007  5:15  70°, WOW!  GeoGirty

Sunny, a little cold, rainy & slippy. Trees look good. Backpacking trip 15 mi.

Having fun. Great hiking day. Andy's fist time here

Great day, great company, great hike - Life is good.  P.S. Patty's chili has taken control of my body.  M.A.M.

Beautiful day for a hike. John, Barb, Alphonso (dog) from South Park.

Rose & Tammy rode their horses here.  Fantastic day, great trails. Can't wait to come back. The Mountain Valley Trail Riders.

The Fitzpatric's & the Pferdehert's hiking day out! Cool, foggy day - so pretty. Shaffer Run Trail.

Day of checking out Nordic Trails. Rather be here than in front of TV watching football. Two REI folks having fun. Donna & Joe.

11/17/2007  Warmed up, felt great… Wayne T

11/21/2007 Tim & Tom put paper in outhouse, swept floor, and filled wood boxes. Enjoy!

11/21/2007  Where are all the bears?    Gamelands=2  Dave=0          Semper Fi

11/25/2007  Hiked in from Tunnel Rd clearing trails on the way. Nice sunny day but chilly. Snow on grassy areas so hope to be able to ski in soon.  Xskiguy

12/2/2007  Ice storm covered all. Roads bad - Woods nice! Koda, Kath, & Dick

12/7/2007  First tracks at North Woods! Yea, BK

12/5/2007  Second tracks in woods. Beautiful day. We are so glad we can enjoy this on a week day (Thurs). Hope it doesn't melt too soon. Sunny, 20°, yippy!!  Enjoy!! Su & Dale ????, Pgh, PA

12/7/2007  Its still SNOWING - beautiful day! Pray for snow!  Missy, BK, Rosco & Star

12/9/2007  6" of wet slushy snow and raining, making it wetter and slushier, good day for a walk, every day is a good day for a walk.  Rob & Holly

Just enough to make some tracks!! Cleared som debris - left the big unz for Shultz & BK! Get 2 work boyz! See you out there hopefully. Carla & Roxy

Back to my favorite hut. Not much snow but at least we're out xc. Probably won't last with the warmer temps on the way. Merry Christmas everyone!  Jan, Jerry, Carol, George, Beau & Mattie.

12/19/2007  Tom Szwedko, Leadville, CO ………..Ski Day #99 … since Sep 01.

12/21/2007 Tom Szwedko, Norm Snyder first day - winter ski Day 101

Snow is melting fast. Still enough to have a good time.  Bryon & Roxy

Good day for cleaning debris from ski trails, getting ready for the next snowfall. Bring it on!! Janice & Jerry

Dec 23, 2007  Just had to see if there was any snow here, there is about an inch crusty and wet. Brought along a little xmas cheer. Very wet out there.  Rob Goodman

12/29/2007  Candelight dinner for 2! Trail was a little icy in spots - made it a challenge! Happy New Year! Mike & Maryellen

12/30/2007  Came out today for a little dog training and stayed for a hike. Trail was icy, we went skiing without skis. Still had a good time though.  Cindy, Matt, Cody, & Jack