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2008 Warming Hut Log
I have come to a place of dreams
Where the lion still screams
In his wild mountain home.
Where the hawk circles high
And the trees touch the sky.
And you know you can go up on your own.
You are near when you hear the wind's song.
Then you know that you belong
To the good earth of the green.
Then you mind is at ease
And you're feeling at peace
And the voices in the trees
Whisper you're free!
Whisper you're free!
And you are the one
Having so much fun
So shine on everyone!
So shine on everyone!

      Anonymous, written in the xcski hut log, circa, July 2005

(Some words/names undecipherable)

1/2/2008  Tom Szwedko, Leadville, CO   15-20 in new powder / no base. Ski Day #111 since Sep 01, 2007. Will take the snow………. Trail breaking knee deep.

1/2/2008  Approx 18" dry fluffy snow. Difficult breaking trail but a beautiful ski day (the best this season so far). Should be better tomorrow when the snow settles a bit. Weather man calling for rain for the weekend - Bah Humbug! Xskiguy (

1/2/2008  Thank you! Mother Nature, we are having a blast, first turns of the year (New Year)! Happy New Year Blessings & Gratitude for the snow.  Missy, BK, & Shultz

1/2/2008  Bryan & Roxy - Breaking some trails under the stars. Awesome out.

1/3/2008 10:50 AM - Bob K - Getting a morning ski in! Beautiful weather - Light big snow flakes! God Bless!

1/3/2008  Beautiful snow - Just a little wet where the springs are. Here's to plenty more days lik this!

1/3/2008  1st ski of the season - Nice powder! Great sun and blue skies!  ????

1/3/2008  Pat, Carol, Beau, Mattie enjoyed the great powder! Snow up to our knees! Fabulous day - Virgin snow!!

1/4/2008  Kale, Megan, Bob, Sally enjoying an At ski day, blue sky, green trees, white snow!

1/4/2008  Came out 4 a late ski, going back in the dark probably. Laura, Ben, Kadi, Jess

1/5/2008  Nice day w/ Lucy my dog.

11/5/2008  Started fire and replaced ax handle today. Snow a little sticky in spots.  Xskiguy

1/5/2008  Carmen & Mom  Glad we had faith there'd be snow - trying out snowshoes - ……. Thanks for having this hut - terrific!

Pat, Mike, & John  Enjoyed the wet snow and warm hut

1/12/2008  Hiked in today from Shaffer Rd. Nice sunny day but would rather have snow.  Jan, Jerry, Fred, Madison, Emma, & Will

1/12/2008  Out geocaching today. Picke up an old cache container for a friend.  Thanks, Tim Barnhart, Champion, PA

1/13/2008 Out enjoying the cool, but sunny, weather. Great day for a long hike!  Lisa

1/16/2008  7:30 AM  The p?? was pretty de???? this morning. Too bad I have to work now.

1/16/2008  2:41 PM  Great Stuff

1/19/2008  Bryon & Roxy taking Darrin out on his virgin run… A little crunchy, but still good.

1/19/2008  Out for som exercise, tomorrow will be too cold - Brrrr! Love this hut - Thanks. Jan

1/19/2008  I found your Choc Lab dog on Mt View Trail. Where R U? Took him out to Tunnel Rd. Bill Askin, Pgh , PA

1/20/2008  Approx 5° F today, but good skiing in the tracks. Some sunshine, that makes it look warmer than it is, but its freat to be out regardless of the temperature - You can't ski (here) in July!  Xskiguy

1/?/2008  Cold and very slick, speed is not an issue! Great to be out!  Nick

1/23/2008  Janly, Jerry, George, Pat, Carol, Beau & Mattie enjoying the crystal clear day & wonderful new snow. How can one not love winter?

1/24/2008 Nancy & Carol were here to take advantage of the great snow! Calling for whiteouts today, so we'll see! Think snow!

1/24/2008  "Whiteout" Good skiing today. Fire feels good. Happy Trails, Dale & Suzanne Lersch, Pgh. PA

BK, Got the place warm for you. Have fun, Shultz - Brock

1/25/2008  Happy Birthdy David!  51!!!  Tara loves you!   Perfect snow for David's big day! Carrol Township Charleroi

Mark & Owen lover the trails. Visiting from Connecticut.

1/26/2008  We are here for the first time - how pretty it is! We love the trails & can't wait to return in the summer for some Mt Biking. Leslie & Adam of Pittsburgh, PA

Jutta Vance, Gibsonia, PA  My retard time at this great place.

1/27/2008  The Fitzpatrick's enjoying a vigorous hike in the new snow. Bext time we'll be on out skis! Melanie, Dane, & Pierce

1/27/2008  The Baers from Lancaster, PA - Great conditions, thanks to those who are responsible for light grooming.

1/27/2008  Great fun. Finally had snow to ski. The Honeymooners Pamelee's

1/28/2008  Thanks to the hikers and pets for their contributions to the ski touring trail!!! (I.E. Please use the hiking trails and not cross-country trails)

1/28/2008  A beautiful day for cross-country - We're so lucky to have these mountains and trails - grateful for our blessings. Let's keep the world safe for all of us to celebrate…   ????

Thanks to all who keep this little place warm, clean, safe - We're all grateful - Helping each other

2/8/2008  About 2" wet snow today. Probably could have skied in on my "rock" skis, but hiked instead. Expected more debris on the trail, after all the wind, but trails were pretty clear.  Punxs Phil says 6 more weeks of winter, so let's hope that includes snow,  xskiguy

2/8/2008  Wet snow like yesterday. We had to ski anyway - Global warming is beginning to Suck. Time to Mt Bike soon.  David & Tara

2/10/2008  Kath, Koda, Dick skied. 7-springs closed lifts from wind. Hiked in for lunch. Cold wind.

2/10/2008  Skied in from top parking lot on Tunnel Rd. Surprisingly good skiing, since there is NO snow off the mountain.  Cold & windy but its great to be enjoying the winter. Was in Flordia last week with 85° temps. Xskiguy

2/11/2008  Todd & Jada out for a Mon ski. Guess I shuld have remembered matches. I'll bring extra the next time. Not a lot oif snow, but good snow. T. McBeth & Jada

2/11/2008  Cold, thin snow - Ok on smooth trails. Forecast for snow tonight & tomorrow. Great sunny day! Xskiguy

2/13/2008 Hiking in 6" of snow. Glad to rest here. The LHHT is a secret treasure. Here have some matches. J:C

2/13/2008  Back to my favorite hut. Good x-ski. Hope to have many more snow days before spring.  Jan, Jerry, Gwen

2/13/2008  Payden & I had to get out after a few days of work. Faster conditions, Good times!! Pura Vida, Jess Hartmann

2/14/2008 Happy Valentine's Day! Played hooky, came out and its beautiful! Sunny for a change, fresh snow, all by ourselves - Lynne : Doug,  Pgh.

2/15/2008  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It doesn't get any better than this. Skip & Annie, Meadowlands

2/15/2008 8" crunchy snow, but good skiing in the tracks. Overcast and it looks like its going to do something outside, Cleared a big tree off Mt View Loop today. Happy skiing, xskiguy

2/16/2008  Beautiful sunny day. Skiing with my Dad. 30° and sunny.  Greg & Harry Yothers

2/16/2008  Jerry, Tnx for the tip about going clockwise on Mt View Trail. It would have been real interesting going the other way. Another great day!! Tnx for all you do.  Skip & Annie, Meadowlands

2/16/2008 Hi Ho Skiers! What a wonderful day! Snow shoeing and a warming hut, wine & cheese - It should be an Olympic event. Glorious day!

2/16/2008  First trip to our favorite hut this winter. Beautiful sunny crisp day. Good skiing. May we have another month of days like this.  Linc & Barbara, Kuhntown,Rd.

2/16/2008  We went to White Grass in WV on Thurs - Should have came here first. Had a great day skiing - a little crunchy. Hope there are many more days like this. Thank you!! Suzanne & Dale, Pgh. PA

2/19/2008  2" new fluffy snow. Some wet spots underneath. Nice day and skiing pretty good - Jerry (xskiguy) & Jan

2/20/2008  Additional 3" fluffy snow but old snow underneath is wet. Sticking a lot today but beautiful light snow falling, Jerry (xskiguy) & Gwen

2/21/2008  8:30 AM Beautiful! Very few thin spots - nice fluffdy morning ski! Take care, God bless.  Bob K

2/21/2008 Another beautiful day in the North Woods. Great conditions.  Skip & Annie

2/24/2008  Sunday  10:45 AM  Nice sin, terrible crust. Still better by far than the great indoors. Pat? & Gr??

2/24/2008 Sunday  11:45 AM  Nice sunny sky, crusty snow, fresh air - Yipee!  Mike & Mark

2/24/2008  Jerry, Pete, George, & Carol had a great ski on a day that the ice softened enough to allow us a glorious ski!

2/25/2008  My x-country boot blew out a Kooser St Park - Walked back to the car to switch to hiking boots and come out here. Beautiful isolation - grey skies lend themselves to contemplation. Crunchy snow made hiking ok.

2/27/2008  My dog Paydee & I are having a blast - great snow today!  Katie

2/27/2008  It don't get no better than this.  Heaven on earth, beautiful view, & nice fire.  Skip & Annie

2/28/2008  8:00 AM  Another awesome day! Snow is fluffy & soft. Take care and God bless.  Bob K

2/28/2008  First a comment on the political commentary - Hopefully all those with strong opinions are actively involved in the politics and happening in their own local communities in a positive way. Enough said about that - How about the snow! It's a winter wonderland and I feel blessed to be able to enjoy it. The woods are breathtakingly beautiful. Having so much fun.  Dennis & Rose

2/29/2008  These days of heaven on earth now back to the real world! Yuk! Skip & Annie

3/1/2008  Settinf track @ 8:00 AM. Awesome morning - Snow is a little hard cutting tracks, but hey - We have snow.  God Bless, Bob K

3/1/2008  Beautiful day with friends. Even the dog had fun! ………………….. Greg, North Hills, Pgh.

This is our second time here this year. I always enjoy it here. Our dog was really happy to get to the hut since the snow is so deep. It is beautiful out. Phil & Nancy  "Go Penguins"

3/1/2008 First time cross country in 20++ Years - nice day for it -no broken bones - yeah!!  Colleen

3/1/2008  I made it this far - Praise the Lord.  Catherine

3/1/2008  We are gathering quite a cross country group out of Pittsburgh, Yeh!  Lynda & Tom

3/1/2008 1st timer! Having fin. C??sta from Canonsburg, PA.

3/9/2008  Pat, Carol, Beau & Mattie came out here with hiking boots & skis and were glad there was great now for skiing!  Marvelous ski!

3/10/2008  1" new snow on top. Good fast skiing. A lot better than Laurel Mtn was yesterday.  Xskiguy

3/12/2008  Great ski! New snow cover but fast. Disappointed in the deep (truck) tracks but glad DCNR is checking. Thanks Jerry for the nearly gift. I love my new xc skis.  Carol & Jan

3/12/2008   What a beautiful afternoon. Can't believe the snow cover. Don't let our "secret" out. I still can't catch Carol going uphill! Pat (& Carol)

3/16/2008  Kathy, Dot, Terry, Buzz, Sue, & ???? (Rowdy gang Bikers-Hiker division) enjoying a wonderful hike. Will be repeat visitors.

3/21/2008  Here we are out exercising our dog. Our name are me, C Trudy (11), Roy and Daniel (12), and Bridgit and Roy Starr. Oh yea, Kev, Jones Mill too. It is Good Fridayand I forgot Libby Lu our dog. We've been here lots of times. I always wrote in this book only me. I love to come here and write in this book. It is really fun to look at what you write before. It is also really fun to walk here. Today me, my friend and my brothers walked up a really big hill it was really tiring and fun. Afterr we came down we ambushed our parents it was really fun. Now we are here. Maybe I will write next time. Trudy, Kev, Roy, Daniel, Bridgit & Roy

3/23/2008 Easter Sunday  Hiking / Dry day, nice snow cover on trail. Stopped at hut for snack / rest. Used all kindling to start fire (thanks great help) cut supply for next visitors. Hut is a great place for all who roam mountains. X-C ski patrol needs to leave memo for new volunteers to maintain hut as it is for all to use and keep nice/ stocked up! Great day for hiking / hanging out, it's a shame for those that miss it! Saw only one other person on trail / hut. Well need to continue on with walk! Thanks again for all who make hut possible! You have created a (new?) local spot called "hutting" which involves hiking to the hut, hanging out, and hiking back! Leave memo on board if volunteers / firewood help is needed. Thanks, Dan L, Local Resident, Acme, PA

3/29/2008  What a beautiful day for a hike. Some birds coming back for spring - Scared by a grouse. We'll be bacl for a summer hike. Rachel & Paul, Pgh PA

3/29/2008  Met Rachel & Paul here earlier today. They were very nice. Didn't meet anyone else between Khunstown Road and Rte 31 parking area. No wonder its kinda hard cross-country skiing in this type of weather! Well, Panda and I are heading back to Khunstown Road, Panda's my border Collie. She ran outside so I guess she won't be writing anything now.  Curt, Johnstown, PA

4/5/2008  Just stumbled into this little warmiung hut. We think its real nice. Will come back next winter on our skies.  We are from Hidden Valley out on a hike.  Barb N, Barb C, ????

4/9/2008  Rations low, thank God we ran into this wasp sanctuary.  I had to p__p real bad. I eaten nothen bu mice for the last few days. Rex & Sk?????

4/11/2008 Joe, Barre H, Brian, Andy, Byron, Nathan, John  1st day of trout, but fishing fun……….

4/20/2008  Mark, Anna, Andy  Hiked here from Rte 31 parking lot. Some punk.. fishermen on motorcycles trashed the place. I cleaned the place up a lot, had lunch, and now we're out of here. Peace!  PS: We saw a ton of yellow vilots on the way in. We leave this place with some good Karma.  Pass it on….

Five mile hike back in shape after doing nothing all winter.  Some jerks rode dirtbikes to the cabin.  Life is good. Rock on!!!

5/10/2008  Rangers stopped by and checked the cameras.

5/17/2008  Pat, Carol, Beau & Mattie are here on a beautiful spring hike between rain showers! Lots and lots of rain this spring, so sunny days are really special & appreciated. Wildflowers are stunning - especially the white & purple trillium! Think sunshine! C & Pat

5/18/2008  Found this place last night after our campsite was rained out. This place saved our butts, it has been rain and storms.  Watch out for hornets.  Scott & Scuba  Gbg, PA

5/25/2008  Nice little resting spot, hiking from 31 to this little cabin. Great day out, beautiful weather. Nice holiday to all who pass through. Brooke and Garner

5/25/2008  Justin, Mike, & Luke backpacking thru beautiful day. But we ran into 2 crazy people walking 8 dogs. (Ha Ha, one burnt its nose on my camping stove)  Also we saw Brooke & Garner earlier today and we all have a crush on Brooke) Peace, love, & daffodils

May 26, 2008  5/26/2008 (noon)  We saw bluebirde as we approached the hut - back in fir trees - saw hummingbird as sitting on porch eating lour lunch. Thanks everyone for taking care of our parks. "God Bless America" & don't forget to recycle. Maria & John  Have a great Memoriasl Weekend!

5/27/2008  Who forgot to build a fire? Almost as great in summer as in winter. Pete, Dave, Andy, & George

6/11/2008  Cut the grass. 3 hikers from Hidden Valley. Otherwise Beautiful day.

6/15/2008  Chuck, Dave, Sonya stopped here to eat lunch. We were horseback riding. Horses were Smoke -Zuiss, & Dixie the mule.

6/17/2008  We were here horseback riding. Duke, Josh, 2 socks and Friskie. But we thought there would be a rest room! Oops, we found it.

6/20/2008  My Dad and I were backpacking up the trail, started to rain soi we looked for a place to stop. Through the trees we saw this nice place and were glad we did. Nice cabin, beautiful area.  Matt & Jeff G.

6/22/2008  Dave -Sonya - Craig - and Chuck stopped for lunch

6/25/2008  Dick & Rick Shaffer horseback riding, beautiful trails. Stopped for lunch.

7/2/2008  We were all here again, plus 2. Could we get a picket line for our horses? That would be wonderful

7/19/2008  Mob & Marcy, Pat & Patty, Tony, Hop, Sandy - Horses are destroying the trails.

7/22/2008  Kool! AMP & Baker. Except for the snakes, sweet place!  This place is burly.

7/26/2008  Arron & Amy stopped by.  How bout that snake!

8/3/2008  Couldn't see the snake and Andy keeps fa_ _ _ _ _  , but it's a great day! Lots of birds and butterflies.  Gabe Stanton      It's a beautiful day, I'm here with my friend.  Andy

8/3/2008  Gabe Stanton and the FII2 Partrol

8/3/2008 Tons of fun watching the boys enjoy the woods. My wife lookd "hot" in hiking boots. We'll be back soon.  Mark

Anna, Mark, Andy, & Gabe, hiked here on a lovely summer day! Lots of butterflies and good company.   Anna

8/10/2008  Happy Birthday! Delicious Blackberries - what a perdfect gift for Brocc and all to enjoy1 Good to be at the hut on a 70° day!  M & B

8/11/2008  What a peaceful spot.  S & J

8/17/2008  Beautiful day, we're hiking to 30 tomorrow. Good times, see you soon.   Ty

8/23/2008  Dawn & Kim - Matt & Amy  mountain biking, what a great day.

8/23/2008  Arrived at 2:30 in the morning. Beautiful night, lots of stars. We are going to have xxx then sleep on top of the tables, too many snakes. LOL  This place is so cool. Thanks  ??kki & Earl, Pgh. PA  

8/31/2008  McCarthy's here. Brought kids for a marshmallow roast. Saw two riders on horseback on the way up. Beautiful evening, nice & cool.  Roy

9/1/2008  Labor Day. Laboring for Wylie Coyote. Where are you.  Semper Fi

9/13/2008  J & M to Tpk shelter.

9/20/2008  Ed, Grey, and Brooke out for a good hike on a beautiful day. Fall is on the way.

9/27/2008  Taking a break - Macerelli

9/27/2008  Snakes - Bats - and Bees…………… OH MY!!!
(score)  Mike - 555    Maryellen - 480     Guess who's going to be cold tonight???

10/4/2008  Pat, Carol, Beau & Mattie back here after a 5 month lapse! Where does the time go?? Leaves just starting to change - a great day for hiking! "Ditto"! Pat

10/5/2008  Sunday 3:02 PM Kevin & Dusty - Found this place via Shaffer Run snowmobile trail - Perfect Day again! Have fun all…

10/18/2008  Troop 407  Leaves are nice!

10/19/2008  Nancy & Sophie, Carol, Matti & Beau are enjoying the great sunshine. Perfect day for a walk in the woods. Three horses and riders are also here enjoying the day! Jan & Jerry also arrived.

10/19/2008  Skeebo - Ready for winter.

10/19/2008 I hate walking. This trip was not fun.   I am walking on the longest trail ever, my mom just tickled my Dad's neck with a feather. I am very sad I had to do this & I like Chris. I cannot wait until it snows. A mice just bit off my uncle's toes, and I should have brought warmer clothes. Thanks - Joe  P.S. Why do they call this a warming hut when it isn't even warm in here.

10/27/2008  Heard about this lil cabin. Every year I trap up this way. Thought I would hike down in here this cold morning only 35°. Pretty cold by the time I got here, warmed up a lil, headed back to the parking lot. What a wonderful beautiful place the Lord had made for us to enjoy. D.R.C

10/27/2008  Nancy & Sophie, Carol, Beau & Mattie took a quick hike before the snow comes this afternoon. Great day to be in the woods! Sunny & cool & breezy.

10/29/2008  Joe, Lois, Melanie took a hike in the snow! 1st snow of the season. 4-6" and 32°. Beautiful light fluffy snow and perfect for snowballs!

11/2/2008  N.C.S.B & M were here again! Hope everyone will vote for the candidates thawho will protect our environment!

11/9/2008  Koda, Chamois, Nugget (all goldens) were here on a hike.

11/12/2008 Dan Stasny running the LHHT stopped here. Running from Ohiopyle to Seward. US Army Airborne

11/16/2008  Richard a & Goblin (dog) on ???? hike in first snow. Hoping for a great early winter w/ much snow.

11/16/2008  M.C. + B were here on a snowy Sunday. Think snow for this winter!

11/19/2008  Beautiful Day.  Skip & Annie

Do Not Leave The Door Open On The Stove - Thanks

11/22/2008  Tom Brant  Nothing but good, great day to be hiking. Almost enough snow to be x-skiing. Maybe this will be a good ski season. Let it snow.

11/22/2008  Better skiing today (Saturday) than last Tuesday but still a bit wet and sticky underneath, Not complaining for November though it was really good at Laurel Ridge on Wednesday.  Jerry, Jan, Gwen

11/22/2008 Skied in the Shaffer Run Trail; broke trail; pretty day with just enough snow to ski, 25° about 7-8" snow.  Thanks for cabin & wood!  Rick

11/22/2008  A pleasant surprise! Pretty good skiing for before Thanksgiving, though not as much snow as we thought we'd have. Pat, Carol. Beau & Mattie  "THINK SNOW"!!

11/23/2008 Its been a long time since we've been able to get out and ski before Turkey Day! I hope it's the start of a trend. Took a ridiculous spill down the first hill. Oh well, beautiful snow, sunshine, and skiing.  Woo Hoo!!  Rose S

11/28/2008  We made it!! Lookout 2012 Olympics. Ha Ha!  Toni, Cristi

11/29/2008  Sorry I missed you girls. The fire is warming my bones nicely. As this Thanksgiving weekend unfolds, I'm thankful for the blessing x/c skiing, the North Woods and the beauty it provides. Frank Longwood

11/29/2008  Nice warm day for xskiing. Snow not too bad considering all the rain recently. Removed a large tree blocking Mt View trail today.  Xskiguy

11/29/2008 1st xskiers from  Mo????? Score! OK snow in places.  Eleonore & Mark

12/3/2008  Mike & Brian doing a little hunting 4 deer. No luck yet. Tem close to 40° so we're going to leave now and try again. God Bless, enjoy the day.  P.S. God Bless the Irish.  Rourke

12/7/2008  Pearl Harbor Day. Skied in on a couple inches fresh powder over the old stuff - nice - 15°  Rick

12/7/2008  We'll take what we can get! Pretty good.  Shultz - Meet us here later if we don't find you on the trails -  Carla, Bryan & Roxy

12/8/2008  Monday  Great snow! Hope this is a promise of the winter to come! Enjoy the day! Pat, Carol, Beau & Mattie

12/11/2008  Sat 8 AM  13° 3-4" powder  Still running water. Got in some water, had a binding malfunction, limped to hut, got a fire going and melted the ice out of my binding.  God to go!

12/14/2008  Bright sunny day. Warm 38° but skiing not too bad considering all the recent rain. Hope it gets colder & freezes things up better,  Jerry & Jan

Good day. Hiked 13 miles from 7-Springs & back & back.  S????

12/25/2008  The rains have ended and it's a gloriously sunny Christmas Day! If only all this rain we've had, had been snow! Merry Christmas! Pat, Carol, Beau & Mattie + Jan & Jerry    Think Snow!

12/26/2008  Just hiking. Beautiful day.  Bob Marshall, Skyraider

12/27/2008  Hiking in a tank top! 62°F, ble skies. Beautiful day for a hike with my 2 sons & our dog. Sassy, Scooter, Ricky & Sophia

12/27/2008  Dan & Robin  Hikers 4 ever. Thanks for this shelter. About 70° today.  South Park

12/29/2008  C'dee & Carol were here! Sunny but cold.  Think snow!

12/30/2008  Todd & Jada  Sunny, but cold too. Love this place - So peaceful.

More to come later