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2005 Warming Hut Log
I have come to a place of dreams
Where the lion still screams
In his wild mountain home.
Where the hawk circles high
And the trees touch the sky.
And you know you can go up on your own.
You are near when you hear the wind's song.
Then you know that you belong
To the good earth of the green.
Then you mind is at ease
And you're feeling at peace
And the voices in the trees
Whisper you're free!
Whisper you're free!
And you are the one
Having so much fun
So shine on everyone!
So shine on everyone!

      Anonymous, written in the xcski hut log, circa, July 2005

(plus end of 2004)

12/12/04  Thank you nice people so much for providing us a wonderful warm home for the winter.  It was so thoughtful of you to leave us some nesting material.  I hope someone builds a warm fire for Christmas!  Mickey & Minnie

Need more snow!  Joe Marcanio, Latrobe, PA

Sorry I missed Tom Szwedko.  Maybe I catch you soon - David Blistan, Bridgeville, PA   Norm Snyder, Steve Tubs

Tom Szwedko, Leadville, CO   Season ski day #86 - A little thin on hill & some rocks, but I guess its snow - Nice day!

12/19/04  Tom Szwedko, Leadville, CO   Season ski day #84

12/25/04 Christmas Day   Merry Christmas to all - What a perfect way to spend this day - beautiful clear blue sky, crisp air, and just a dusting of snow - the world truly seems at peace today - Did our traditional hike/ski down to this lovely spot!  Michael & Karen

12/26/04  We did a night time hike - Just the right weather for it!  Built a fire, made some cocoa - All is good.  Mike M.. & Denise

01/06/05  Rains have finally stopped - If only it would snow!!!   Roads are flooded! THINK SNOW!  Janice, Jerry, & Carol
01/12/05  We need more beautiful winter days like this one!  The temp is near 50º and the sky is full blue… great hiking weather!  The trail is nearly clear of snow making for a gripping hike.  Thank God for the beautiful Laurel Highlands! Great hiking to all!  Brooke C

01/13/05  Carol, Beau & Mattie were here - Still no snow.

01/19/05Tons here today!  Beautiful!  Shultz & Bobbi

01/20/05  These pretzels are making me thirsty! Got the place almost to myself today.  Kudos to all the stick picker-uppers last summer!  Mid 20s, trails fair (everyone bring some newspapers)  Fritz

01/23/05  Beautiful day!  Thanks to the Snow God!  Jermy's first time (He got a splinter).  M - B - J  Star & Rosco

01/24/05  We were here.  It was great.

Ann, & Roseann!  Good skiing!

Janice, Jerry, & Carol were here on a beautiful sunny Friday.  Perfect skiing!  We miss you Fearless &
Nancy! We also miss Sherry!

01/28/05  Don & Kathy & Casey (the Border Canaan). What a beautiful little ski in the early evening!

02/01/05  Snow - Blue sky.- Great day.  Bill & Fay H… , Dennis & Penny Stahl , Carol  

02/04/05  We came out from Pittsburgh to get outta town - Gorgeous, clear blue skies (sticky snow in the sun) but still - such a treat to warm up here… and enjoy the solitude.

02/12/05  C-dee is back!  Long live the South!

Sticky wet snow, about 6 inches, think for the downhills.  John M

X country skied in from parking lot.  Nothing like fresh powder an no one around.  JJ and Troy

02/06/05  We snow shoed over from our cottages - Not a soul in sight. Gorgeous day - Blue skies, bright sun.  Love the cabin.  Debbie Beth and Sal & Maggie (the golden)

02/05/05  The moments we live today are the memories we cherish tomorrow…  Today was full of those moments, good weather, good snow, and good company.  Mary J, Pittsburgh

Can't get any better! Beautiful day.  Think snow!  Janice, Nancy, & Carol

Great day, little sticky, but all in all we're here, our second home.  Joan & Marie

02/13-05  Our favorite trail where we have been xing for 12 years.  Good skiing today.  Theona & Dirk

02/16/05  Ran into this two goofs - can't remember where but I've been hiking with them for a long long long long time - Kerry

Shultz showed us his frost bitten finger.  It is getting ready to slough off.  Little snow; good enough for hiking.  Snow Sunday or Mon.  WZ

02/21/05  Beautiful spring-like day. We are hunting for geocache.  Dan McCart.. & Alida Ba…

02/22/05  My B-day.  Great hike w/the pup! Beautiful area.  Will be back.  Peace, J… P Sherman

02/24/05  Boney in places but its still dumping outside! 4-6 or 7 in. in most places at 5PM.  Nice light fluff.  Schultz

Shultz, oh Shultz where have you been?  Where are Missy & Brocl?  John M

02/25/05  Skied down from Tunnel Road breaking trail.  Very slow with wrong wax on.  John M

Sunny & beautiful - Snow appeared yesterday and stayed with us for a whopping 6-7 inches.  We will take all we can get till we can get our bikes out and hit the trails.  Jan & Carol

02/26/05  Better conditions today than yesterday.  Fast downhills.  Hope the big storm coming is snow & not rain~  John M

Fantastic day.  Staying at Kooser State Park - Nice cabins.  Thanks for the break DCNR.  David, Tara, Jacob, & Kathy

George, Tutta, Fred, Janice, & Carol skied in from the fish hatchery.  Great conditions! Think snow!

Jeff & Rebekah from Oakmont, PA and Craig & Cheryl from Indiana, PA out for a nice day of skiing - Beautiful day.

02/27/05  Hey John!  Glad you're back.  Hope to see you. Awesome to see the woods covered again.  Pray for more snow.  Missy

Good fast trail on Mt Viet, just right temp.  Blue/wet snow worked for me.   Harry & ?ris

Great cabin! THANKS DCNR

Sunny skies, trails fast - early beautiful day, snow holding fine.

03/02/05  Sue Pletcher and Jim Workman was out today for a nice, deep, snowy day.

John M - the grooming crew could have used your services.  It was very deep.  BK

03/05/05  M. McGee  Nice day.  Hi to John M. (Willobrook)  Mike & Karen - Enjoy your ski on Saturday.

Beautiful sunny day, groomed 1 trail all others were very well groomed.  Skiing was great, warm 37º.  Anybody see Mary Jurgevich? Percy Jones

03/06/05  Bright sunny and warm (48ºF) perfect for skiing.  We deserve it. It has not been a great season.  Phil, Nancy, Barbara, Lino - The Khuntown Rd Gang

Beautiful day, blue sky, warm, and breezy; snow a little heavy, but good.  Thank you for the hut.

Couldn't ask for a better day……… Life is good.   D? & Mike F

Wind kicking up, something is brewing here this morning.  Great time & memories.  Terry & Mary J

Mike, ?, & Andy here - What a gorgeous day! We're so lucky, aren't we? To have such beauty surrounding us!  Peace to all! (snow is a bit icy)

Deep snow, sunny & windy; feels like something brewing.  It's beautiful out, take all we can get.

03/08/05  Awesome! Rained last night but froze & 4" on top.  Great base and its still snowing.   Schultz

3/12/05  Deep wet snow, lots of trail breaking to do.  Isn't it great that we have skiable snow so late? Let's hope we get another week & another weekend.  Hello again to Missy Brock & Schultz!  Keep on skiing!!   Mike & Karen

Only one here - can't believe it! Broke trail all the time - Whew!  Great day, lots o sun, snow, mostly snow.

03/13/05  Tori & John Durst.  3rd time ever for John

First trip here in 3 yrs.  We made it! Beautiful.  Sue, Tori & John

03/15/05  Beautiful way to spend a sunny Tuesday! Beau, Mattie, Janice, & Carol

Great way to spend a day. So much better than working. Skis, snow, sun, & a little mental adjustment - Laurel Mountain is a special place.

03/18/05  Was going to bike today but skied here instead.  Nice to see this area is not being mined or deforested. A gem in the wilderness.  An Ohioan who loves the Laurel Mtns.

1st time this year. Looks like the last 4-6" before spring takes over. Beautiful brilliant day for a slide with the dog.

03/19/05  Glad to be here! Spring is just around the corner.  Awesome day with the dogs!  God bless. M

03/25/05  Great day for a hike! (Good Friday).  Have an awesome Easter.  J? & Sherman

Jack be nimble; Jack be shoutin. We all love the Laurel Mt.

03/27/05  John M at hut for R&R with Holly, 14 yr old Springer Spaniel.  6 inches of snow in patches.  We both suffer from arthritis, although I am not yet as deaf as Holly is.  Sure hope this isn't her last visit here.

04/04/05  C-dee, Mattie, Beau, & Carol hiked up from hatchery! Cool for May, but beautiful as always.

04/06/05  What a great spot to rest!  Cynthia

04/09/05  Well there is no snow for skiing but we're trucking down the trail. Unlike all of you skiers I'm glad there is no hail - So we'll just keep on walking while the sun is shining (hope it doesn't rain b/c we didn't bring a pail!   Cheers! J²

04/10/05  Beautiful day for a hike w/friends & dogs.  Many more to come (in memory of Lucy)  Molly, Casper, Nancy, Monica

04/16/05  Another peaceful day for hiking with the dogs! Think sunshine!  Nancy, Carol, Beau & Mattie, & Lucy's spirit

04/19-05  Great evening for getting hiking boots broken in for yet another Spring on the Laurel Highlands Trail. No better place to visit after a long day of work to clear a cloudy head! I'm blessed to be a Laurel  Mountaineer! Happy hiking to all!  Brooke C.

04/30/05  The trail is a great place for new timers out here.  Our entire scout troop is having a blast - Our first back packer;  Happy Trails, A. Tinker, Scout Troop 101, Connellsville

05/10/05  Beautiful day for a Mt Bile ride.  Sunny 70º, but rain on the way. I hope not till tonight.  Traveling Laughlin town to 7-Springs and back.  It would be nice not to get wet, but it really don't matter.  Still a great ride.  Peace, M…J…

05/14/05  Wonderful day for a hike - 73º, rain and thunder.  Breaking in new boots for larger trip.  Still a nice day for a hike after all.  Scott Strain

05/15/05  We used the hut for lunch and enjoyed watching the birds.  Al & Mary

05/22/05  Great day for family hike w/the dog. Lots of birds singing.  Bob, Lois, & Family

Out for a reflective hike on Memorial Day.  Thanks to all the servicemen and women who put their lives on the line to give us safety, security, and freedom to live our lives as we choose. One of the things they provide us is the opportunity to go hiking or skiing in these woods.  I have come here for many years and I have always loved this special place. We have only a limited time here on this earth and it is important to savor every good moment in these woods. I will soon lose my companion for many years of my journeys here.  Savor your hikes and love you companions!  John M
Nice stop on a 24 mile journey for lunch.  Dad & Brooke off for 9.5 more miles of hill climbing & descending! Thankfully no rain.

06/01/05  Bob and I hiking the trail on this beautiful day to geocache.  What a peaceful place! We loved it.   Interested in what geocaching is? Visit  Great for hikers and skiers alike!  It is a high tech treasure hunting.  Doris

06/05/05  Stopped by for a geocache.  Jelemy aka "Hollywood", Holla   Dan, Mike   GO ROOFORS

06/07/05  Clear day, hot, close to 90º.  Headed for the Springs then head to Walt's for a cold one, maybe more.  Some good food in my belly and that will be another good day in the books.  Jack

06/15/05  Hiking the Laurel Highlands Trail.  Saw this place and came to check it out.  Todd, Tom, Mike, Jelly, Stacie, Sherry

06/18/05  Out for a loop around Shaffer Run first time.  This is a really neat place to stop!  Sue, Spudy-bug & Wheaties

Cooking Sore-thumbs on the fire (Crescent dough baked on a pole - Fill with pudding). Yum!  Dorie

Michael M… on a wild animal search with no w… or …. And it seem it is goin to rain soon.

Hiking and looking to spot the wild bishquack bird.  Paul

The Puskar girls out for a training hike in preparation for Mt Washington hut to hut hiking!  Happy Father's Day,  Kathy, Patty, Maureen, & Jessica

06/20/05  Jim with Holly here one last time.

06/22/05  Out for a day of trail running.  Stopped by for a rest.  A little humid & damp after the rain last night.  Hello to all I haven't seen in a while.  Still climbing a bunch, but with rest days more often.  Doing a lot of running on local trails.  Peace to all.  Tim A

07/02/05  Day 4 heading north on the laurel highlands trail.  Stopped in out of curiosity and to scout for something ??affable.  Shafer Run dried up.  A lot less humid today.  Lulcas Hoover

07/04/05  I'm walkin through the deep grass with Holly.  Scared a fawn that had bedded down right next to the hut sign. Other imprints in the grass indicate deer like to bed in the little meadow.  Be careful! I encountered a large snake (probably a copperhead) sitting on top of the woodpile in the hut.

07/06/05  Nancy, Janice, Carol, Mattie & Beau had an evening meal at the hut.  Didn't see the snake! Beautiful evening! Saw big bear tracks on the way in from the fish hatchery.

Out for a fast walk with brother Tyler.  Enjoying the weather and the high grass!  Nice rain firmed the trail! Great hiking to all!  B Cook, T Cook
We stopped to geocache for the second time trying to find it, and we did.  We encountered the snake and it almost gave me a heart attack.  My dad saved me.   This cabin is so cool I wish I brought the camera.  xxPollyxxx and Mudge

07/15/05  First time out in 4 years.  It feels great.  Watch out for the snakes laying on top of the firewood.  Wild Will

Second time here, snake looks content and well fed.  John Janis Can, Learn Settlement, PA

Lovely trail - Just wonderful!!  Careful, there are several snakes in the woodpile, Caution.  Dan, Falls Church, VT

07/22/05   Saw the snake outside - Looked fed well.  Very nice warming hut.  Saw no one else.  Camped at Kooser State Park.  Hoping we can come back again.  P.S Happy Trails!!

07/22/05  Snake on top of wood pile.  John & Holly

07/25/05  XC MTB riding……. Just in time … thunderstorm booming in.  Snake snoozing on firewood.  Thx,            Camp Hill

07/27/05  Awesome trail!!  First time here.   S. Eutin

07/28/05  The snake has really grown or this is Mama!  Angelia, Janice, Carol, Mattie & Beau were here.

07/31/05  Just doing one of my xc rides to the Springs.  Great day, great ride add up to a great time.  The snakes all new. They know a nice place when the see it.  Peace to all,  Mountain Jack

08/04/05  Didn't stay too long.  Snakes too plenty.  Great walk though.  The Denardos

08/08/05  Hey all!  How about that snake!! But notice the mouse in the box on the wall.  Maybe these two should get together.  Great place.  Here's a game:  Describe a square, triangle, & circle as a person.  Answer: Square = Family; Triangle = Friends; Circle = You  Some Hikers. Pittsburgh

08/14/05  Hot day, where is the weekend rain we were supposed to get.  Saw several snakes in the woodpile today.  The place sure looks different without the xc snow.

08/25-05  Out hiking & geocaching; nice spot.  The booker

08/25/05  Hiking with the kids on a beautiful not too hot day!  Johnny, Evan, Jacob & Halie

09/04/05  John without Holly - No snakes, but snake skins.

09/05/05  Beautiful day!  John, Barb, Alfonso (dog)

09/07/05  Webelos Den 5, Cub Scout Pack 131 - Nature hike (with) the Webelos.  We saw a snake, frog, toad, salamander.  John Nicholson, Noah Shaffer, Jay Cable, ElRay Cable, Evan Myers, Chris Myers, Nick Bastian, Scott Bastian, John Nickolson

09/12/05  A little after work hike on the best PA trail! Amazing what the trees do fore someone's soul! Back up the mountain I go and many great hikes and peaceful minds to all!  Brooke Clark

09/18/05  The trails and mountains around the endless blue sky are as deep with peace as heaven is with God.  May he bless this mountain and all of you as well.  Jesse

09/24/05  "XCdver"  hiking the LHHT & checking out this nice little hut.  I'm hiking the whole trail & just might hike back again to Seward.

09/25/05  Just hiking through with my wife; so we wanted to check out the supplies for winter since we often snowshoe or ski out to the cabin.  No snakes or mice today, good!  We'll be back when it snows.    Mike

09/29/05  3:10 PM  The weather turned last night - its 20º cooler than yesterday.  We're just out walking the trail on a beautiful fall day.  Jayne & Bill

10/02/05  3:30 PM  A beautiful fall Sunday.  Our family all together!  William 8, Madeline 7, Henry 4, and Claire 8 months! Oh, Abby and Sammi too (choc/yellow labs).  Jennifer & Peter Buss

 It is a windy day but beautiful.  Rachel & Paul

Nancy, Carol, Mattie & Beau here on beautiful fall Saturday.  No snake today, thank goodness.  Three hunters here; Moe, Larry, & Curly!

Just mountain biked to the hut from Hidden Valley - Beautiful sunny 50º day.  Have yet to see another soul except for deer & chipmunks on the trail.  Hope to be back when it snows.  Dan

10/16/05   Wazzy Ya!!  Beautiful early fall day. Amen

10/17/05  Ditto that for Tuesday as well.  What a great place to get away for awhile and a workout.  Jim

10/18/05  Little tree in front of this hut is blazin yellow giving enough glow for me evening log write!  The trees are looking magnificent… those are left with leaves.  Skipped the "Old Crow Medicine Show" concert tonight for a hike in the woods on such a fantastic evening.  Hope to make it out before dark - Nothing beats the smell & stillness of fall.  Clear thinking and peaceful thoughts will prevail as I finish my journey.  Good hiking to all.  Enjoy the fall!  Brooke Cook

10/19/05  Hi Brooke!  What a perfect Fall day for a long bike ride down the loop & through Forbes!!  This has been a beautiful season so far and I'm glad the leaves are still hanging on.  I haven't made down to the hut in a year or so but I love the journey every time!  Peace & Love to all.  Enjoy, Nevin T

10-20-05  Hi! My Dad and I are backpacking.  What a nice day.  The leaves on the trees are very pretty.  I love it here.  My Dad and I are going to stay in a lean-to.  We've gone 2 ½ miles, 6 ½ to go! I hope you have a wonderful day.  Rebekah and my Daddy David

That's my girl, her long red hair reminds me of a beautiful sunrise, she (is) growing up too quick.  Thank you Lord for giving her to me; thank you for Dad+break time.  Dad

Snow is on the ground, it is so beautiful, the leaves are red and yellow.  We didn't see a snake as they did in July.  Fire is so pretty.  I love it here.  From: Darah, Lewis, Rob, Robert

Team Sam and Jess (Geochachers).  Stopped in on our quest.

Beautiful Fall day! Weather is in 60s and leave are breathtaking - still patches of snow - many branches down.  Janice and Jerry came down from Tunnel Rd parking area - Carol hiked in from fish hatchery.  We did a lot of trail cleaning.
Warm 60º still snow on the ground & leaves are breath taking.  Have not seen a person bud did see a nice 6 point buck.  The quiet is deafening.  S… & J…

11/11/05  Veterans Day! Beautiful day.  Janice, Nancy, Beau, Mattie, & Carol - had lunch.

11-12-05  Sky a radical blue, many variations of mosses along the rocks & stumps and leafy ground.  Splendid all around. A baby bird (maybe a wren) flung itself at the window as we came in.  Carol carefully picked it up and put it out on the porch.  It looked fairly crippled, but it flew away - Amen  Carol & Carol & the dogs

11/19/05  Beautiful sunny morning,  Temp ˜ 30º.  Light dusting of snow,  Puddles froze over.  First time I've biked back here - Next time I'll com on skis.  Have a great day

11-25-05  First XC ski of the season.  Happy day after Thanksgiving!  Can't think of a more beautiful place to be - There has to be a North Wood ski cabin in Heaven?  Love it here!  The snowfall added to the splendor of the holiday.    Janice & Jerry

Nancy, Carol, & Carol skied in today - beautiful.  Hope we have a snowy winter!

Great place to snuggle down!  Debbie Arnn from VA - Sons; Tom Courtney, John Courtney - Bend OR

12/01/05  N.S.P. Trail Clearing Party

12/04/05  Snow is a little thin & crusty to ski today so settled for a hike down to the hut here - always great to be here!!  Mike Fallen & John "Danger" Cooper

12-07-05  More dust on crust - Mostly good snow to ski on.  Matt if you get here I'll be back.  Sch..R

12/09/05  Skiing is great, light & fluffy.  Wish you were here (anybody) so I wouldn't have to do all the trail breaking.  Chuck & Bonnie

12/10/05  What an awesome way to start the ski season.  Thanks to our grateful Snow God!  And there is more on the way.  Hope to see (anybody) out here. Peace, M

Yes skiing is good.  Thanks Chuck & Bonnie.  I need a little attitude adjustment and then get back out in this beautiful weather.   Jim

First time here - lovely area & hut.  Gentle snowfall & wind heard in the tree tops.  I'll be back!  Sue Anne from Pgh & Mike Fallan & Judy

Beautiful snowy day - Good for cross country - Will be back to enjoy more. Denny Duda

Nice fire - Great day - Light snow.  Dennis & Jim

Glad to see and enjoy the nice fire.  Great skiing for our first time this winter.  Nancy & Fred

10" of snow & flurries, real nice.  I came in the Shaffer Run trail, built a fire and relaxed.  I hope it stays cold.

12/17/05  A beautiful day in the North Woods.  Not as many people out today as I had expected.  I built a fire for those who may come after me.  Enjoy!   Mike

12/18/05  Gorgeous day!  Perfect XCski conditions.  Ken, Lisa, Mike, Barry, & Kitty Yee Haw

12/19/05  Nice place. Beautiful conditions!  We're from Ohio and didn't realize PA was such a XC Mecca! We'll be back!  Jim & Annie Steele, Dayton, OH

What a great way to spend a Monday!  New snow and just great skiing! Dee & Carol & Beau & Mattie.  Met new friends from Ohio - Cookie & Lacy!  Enjoy the day!

12/20/05  Stumbled across this wonderful trail and hut.  Karl Shelly, Goshen, IN

Gratifying to see all this traffic on a Wednesday morning!  Fred (Hidden Valley Nordic Ski Rental)

Great Day! Perfect conditions!  Jon, Pgh, PA

Great day to ski.  Sunny & great conditions - If only it wouldn't rain for Christmas.  Jerry

Merry Christmas to all!

3 in. new snow - still snowing......  Skiday #103 since Sep 01.   Tom Szwodko, Leadville, CO

12/22/05  11:30 AM  Beautiful day & conditions.  Caffney & Korn

 XCski nice except where snowmobile tracks made ruts. Keep rain away please. 10 to 14 in snow.  Skiday #107 since Sep 01.  Tom Szwodko, Leadville, CO

We're getting married!    Beth & Ben

Thank goodness for the snow and being alive and well today!    Bill David

12/27/05   Nice trails.  Love, Morgan, Kirsten, Uncle Chuck, & Poogles
P.S.  Where are the ski lifts?

Another Becca & Sarah adventure enjoying life Pam (H?) style (but not quite) - Dig the warming hut - We don't have these in So Cal.  Enjoy & Thanks!

(Undecipherable).. No rain please. 8 days left in PA.  Skiday #107 since Sep 01.  Tom Szwodko, Leadville, CO

12/31/05  New Years Eve -Goodbye 2005.  Light rain, on & off sleet - semi frozen now. Where's the new snow?  Skiday #110 since Sep 01.   Tom Szwodko, Leadville, CO